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Jon grew up in Palo Alto, California and attended Foothill College in neighboring Los Altos Hills. He developed his television & film production skills there, as well as at the nearby De Anza College Media Center in Cupertino, where he wrote, produced and directed content for local public access TV stations in the San Francisco Bay Area. 


His love for film actually began at the young age of 8, when he inherited his grandfather's Super-8 film camera and began shooting comedy shorts with his friends. Screenings of these films were extremely popular with many of the kids in his neighborhood.

Switchblade Symphony

Jon also wrote and drew comic books for his schoolmates all through grade school and jr. high. Shortly after high school, his comic book "Schoolbus Dave" was carried in comic book shops, along with an accompanying cassette tape of original songs which Jon had also written and produced.

In 1989, he discovered the band Switchblade Symphony and produced their very first studio recording for a compilation album on his own label. The LP featured 10 of the best industrial/goth bands based in San Francisco at the time. The song "Mine Eyes" was key to Switchblade Symphony being signed to Cleopatra Records.

Vortex Rave

Under the moniker EYE-CON ENHANCEMENTS, Jon conducted projection-art shows in nightclubs and at several famous events in San Francisco, including the earliest raves held on the west coast: ToonTown, A-Rave-Called-Sharon and Groove Asylum. During the summer of 1992, he and a partner held rave events of their own called VORTEX, showcasing DJs such as Jeno, Josh, Garth, James, Pera, Tony and Noel.

Hot Rod Condoms

In 1994, his entrepreneurial spirit took full hold of him and he launched a "hip and cool" condom brand named Hot Rod Condoms®. This endeavor took him on several trips around the world. His sole proprietorship sponsored many causes, organizations, and events in the U.S., including: AIM Healthcare Foundation, Playboy Nightcalls, Spice TV, Laguna Seca Raceway, Texas Rollerderby League, various film festivals, car shows, nightclubs and concerts (such as Hootenanny & Viva Las Vegas).

God Squad!

Jon has produced and directed many short films and web videos over the years (some gaining 100,000-500,000 views each). He was a regular contributor of content to the Backseat Film Festival which holds events in several major cities across the country each year. 

His short film God Squad! Hollywood & Divine premiered at the Academy Award accredited LA International Short Film Festival in 2002 and went on to screen at many other festivals around the U.S. It was honored as Best Comedy at the North Hollywood Film Festival in 2003 and attracted more than 1 million views on between 2003-2005.

Gainfully employed at Nickelodeon Animation Studio since 2005, Jon moved into a Manager role in the Post Production Department. He is now editing cartoons for the entertainment giant.

Jimi Homeless Experience

In 2007 he wrote and produced a full length CD of parody songs entitled "Are You Homeless" by "The Jimi Homeless Experience". It features over-the-top parodies of Jimi Hendrix' biggest hit songs performed by a fictional character named "Jimi Homeless". Renowned Hendrix historian Ken Voss gave the material a rave review in his world-famous "Voodoo Child" fanzine. 

Between 2007-2009, he assembled and managed The Jimi Homeless Experience band - booking and promoting a live stage show in and around Hollywood. During this time Jon tried his hand at stop-motion clay animation, producing two shorts featuring a clay version of his Jimi Homeless character.


Jon is currently producing and developing original entertainment properties on his own and with his two brothers under the moniker Kinyon Bros. Entertainment. His other new venture, JONKCO, is concentrated on animation properties and related toys for children.




Jon Kinyon
    Artist, filmmaker and entrepreneur.






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